…We are so excited to announce that A Novel Chat is officially back! 

This week Willa, Emily and I, Aneeqah, are continuing our discussion of the beloved This Savage Song. Something unique about this book is that it’s actually a dystopian novel- which is pretty unheard of right now. We start this episode off by talking about some of the first dystopian novels we read back in 2012, when the dystopian trend was on the rise. We even dive into some classics that Willa and Emily have read (sorry not sorry for not enjoying Animal Farm, though).

After talking a bit about the dystopian trend and how the sub-genre is fairing, we dive right into the books. Of course, we start off our discussion on the dystopian elements present in This Savage Song, which we all agree is done fantastically. Hopefully, this book can bring the dystopian trend back. We dive into a lot of recommendations in this episode with a great mix of different types of dystopian- those with fantastical elements, classics, and even a book with a unique writing style. It’s a great episode with some excellent backlist books that you absolutely need to check out.

And now what you’ve been waiting for the most… the book list! Remember, we do have all of these compiled for you on a Goodreads shelf as well, for your viewing pleasure.

The Book List 

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