025: The Beauty of Ava Lavender

Happy Monday!

We’re nearing the end of August, and so today we have a special episode for you on A Novel Chat! Em and Willa are tackling one of their favorite novels: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. (Yes, the title is an attempt at a pun.) It’s a gorgeous book, though I, Aneeqah, haven’t read it, which is why I was booted off not on the episode today.

They have an intricate discussion of the way history interweaves in the story and some really creepy characters. Willa and Emily both love the gorgeousness of the writing style and discuss how even though the book’s plot is relatively “plain” it’s the writing style that really engages you as the reader. Em also laments about the fact that this author hasn’t really written much else (aside from a short story and potential new book?!). Of course, there are some hilariously accurate tangents (apparently books with feathers are guaranteed to be successful, guys) mixed in with some straight-up fangirling that will hopefully leave you wanting to pick up this strangely gorgeous book.

And now what you’ve been waiting for the most… the book list! (Not as substantial as usual, but bear in mind this was a shorter episode!) Remember, we do have all of these compiled for you on a Goodreads shelf as well, for your viewing pleasure.

The Book List 

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