024: Duologies

Welcome back to this week’s episode of A Novel Chat!

We’re incredibly excited to be talking about one of the more recent trends in YA right now: duologies. It seems like every series these days has been reduced to just two books, and so we wanted to talk out our thoughts here on ANC. We start off talking about our general feelings about duologies and the trend that’s been on the rise. Willa and Emily seem to more fans of companion novels than straight up series, which is interesting to hash out. After, we dive straight into the books, and bring up a wide array of duologies. Some have been complete for years, others more current, and then some that haven’t been published yet (we’re looking at you, Blood for Blood).

And now what you’ve been waiting for the most… the book list! Remember, we do have all of these compiled for you on a Goodreads shelf as well, for your viewing pleasure.

The Book List 

(I have included the series titles + links, and the first books + link of the duologies below!)

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